Communion in Space

by Kratt

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released July 23, 2016

All music written by Vicki Vomit and Clint Blackwell
Produced and engineered by Jon Erich Booth
Mastered by Russian Recording



all rights reserved


Kratt Youngstown, Ohio

A band. We make songs about the parties, about the drugs, about the fucks. We both endorse this and we don't.

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Track Name: Coffee
I have lost some people I can't get them off my mind.
Tired of these dead, but this time I am fine.
You are not an equal.
You won't get him off my mind.
Like a hurried sequel, it takes time.
Track Name: Kabuki
I can't be me forever.
Face. Ass. Tits.

Liquor like a mask. You're ready to attack.
Mirror on the bathroom wall still reflects you in the cracks.
You're really need to kill tonight.
I really need to kill tonight.

Speaker and a flask.
You're never coming back.
Two more sips you're wasted, hun.
Get ready to attack.

The dance floor is packed.
The speakers are stacked.
Girl you're beautiful. You ready to go?

Their hearts are hard, but your pussy is soft.
You rent it out, they'll check in for the night.
You rent it out and find a place to hide.
Track Name: For Whom the Cock Tolls
Boff the Quiff.

Do you find this ass sexy?
Would you like to come with me?
I'll do what you want to.
I want to lie on top you.
(Not now)
Come on baby, look at me.
I want to () and hear you scream.
I'll do what you want to.
I really want to fuck you right now.

Look around girl see what I got.
Quicker than a (), I make a pussy pop.
Honies scheduled, round the clock.
Tell the hour of the day by the mouth on my cock.
Wanna get nasty?
Not with I.
This ain't a jazz song. We don't stop time.

Give me a minute. I'll give you a show.
Turns minutes to hours and make your tiny clock grow.
My snatch is a bridge. Who is the troll?

Do you find this ass sexy?
Would you like to cum in me?
I'll die if that suits you.
If that is what you would screw ... (Too much)
Track Name: Natural High
Snort. Shoot. Drink. Lick it, stick it in my face.

Balls to the Wall. I'm coming.
Keys in my hand, I got the hybrid running.
Damn, makes sense to me.
Take care of the Earth, she takes care of me.

Green peace, guns.
Bullets, guns.
Frack my land and I'll frack your buns.
Don't worry, I'll clean up my mess.
Track Name: Gay Feature
Maybe you can be the one I choose. Dancing in the dark near a projector screen. Only want to see your face. The look he gives me when we're at his place.

Let's gas can this night I wanna burn it up for good. I wanna make it all so bright. I wanna burn like firewood.

Go and get your shoes I want you to play and stay up late and party.

Baby your the best. When I'm with you, I feel like I'm blessed. It started last May. I thougth you were gay, but then you kissed me without delay.

Baby your the best. Boy you know you stand out above the rest. We're running out of time. I know this won't last cause we go so hard and sleep in all day.
Track Name: Frank the Raccoon
Tossed in the front.

Drink so hard. Dance so hard. Pee so hard. Next round is on me.
Look so good. Feel so good. Dance so good. I gotta pee again.

I am swerving in these lanes. Wheels are covered in some raccoon's brains. I wonder if he had a family? Drive so fast now I can't see a thing.

I can drive 55.

You wanna race? I'll race. Don't fuck it up.
Switching gears. Crank the bass. Let's rev it up!

... and in the dark I find it hard to tame myself
... and in the dark I find it hard to blame myself. I lose control. She's lost control.

I can drive 55.
Track Name: Beef Stew
At the end of the night, I'm buried here in snatch, ass, cash, coke, wine and blood.

This dream is never ending.
The dark I just can't shake.
The moon is always night, begins and ends in dreams.

I wonder why this happens all the time.
My mind ain't clear for our mission here.
My nose just found some coke.
There's a party over here - let's go!

Pump your fucking fist.
Give that bitch a kiss.
Rubbing that clit.
We will never quit.
Can barely move our wrists.
Just pump our fucking fists.
Track Name: High Limitz
You make my face hurt my body hurt when you came into this town.
Can't even remember when I bet a big blind.
Can't even remember when I won at any time.
Your suit won't save you. Your polished shoes don't click.
You could be the best dressed but I will hate you (bet it)

Place our bet lose again
Rack up more credit debt
Cash advance lose again
That guy's wearing children's pants

He can't get laid
But hopefully I might
(Bet it)

Out of chips lost again
This is not what I planned
Now I'm back at the ATM
Track Name: Luke Face
Bought a benz, designer suit, my credit card is on fire
Polished shoes, expensive booze, whatever I desire
You see my yacht, I take to Greece, my women you admire
Techno tunes and crowded rooms, coke to get me higher.

Fast cash baby your credit is declined and I don't need a lover who cannot provide. Get on with your life, you can't afford me. I wanna spend money like it's free. Fast cash spending the way that I do, thinking that I'll take it away. I'm selling all your clothes, selling all your cars, selling everything.
Track Name: The End
Boom, bass, synth, and drum.
A kiss from molly on my tongue.
Damn that mouth feels harsh tonight.
The acid taste of her goodbye.
(Fresh fade feeling clean. I think I feel I think I need)
Everywhere I go reminds me of Vicki.
Purples my skin, pulls out the pin.
I miss that ass. So much class. Wanna tap that again.

The Night.
Now it is alright.
Feeling like my life was lost to the night.
His fingers hold me tight.
Rising up my height.
Smothered in the glare of my bengal light.

(Fresh fade feeling clean. I need to feel. I need to see. Next to you is where I want to be)

Feeling this is right.
Always with you tonight.

(Vicki, I know you. He won't make you happy. Just let me feel you one more time.)